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What church do you go to? ramble

'Vernon Subutex' 1 a novel by Virginie Despentes Translated from the French by Frank Wynne

In this public video I failed to make plain that in confessional Calvinistic churches one has to swear before God and the church that you will uphold the doctrines of the Westminster Standards/historic Calvinism and you promise before God to not teach or spread any contrary teachings among church members. The main reason I could not with good conscience join a conservative church PCA is that I could not swear before God and the saints that I agree with the doctrines of the Westminster Standards/historic Reformed Covenantal theology. I am unorthodox. Therefore I can not become a member of the PCA. I can not exercise any of my spiritual gifts in any conservative Calvinistic Presbyterian churches. I am an outsider.

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