Crooked Finger (crookedfingers) wrote,
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Have a Nice Life - Dracula Bells

And, in a darkened room, where I always spoke too soon, I burn an endless stare at nothings that just aren’t there. If I can convince myself that any of this helps, I can sink deeper in...but call it something else. And, in that darkened room, I trusted my own eyes...despite all evidence life’s provided otherwise. You’re going to wait a long time. And in that darkened room, there is evidence for god...but he’s not like I thought, and I’m always on my guard. You know I could never wait, so just tell it to me straight. We’re going to wait a long time...but there’s power in prayer. There’s smoke in the rafters. Lord and lover, saint and swain. There’s ash in the air. We’re going to wait a long time, but I’m willing to wait. Oh, let me find the right one! Someone to love, someone to hate. We’re going to wait a long, find love while you’re young. That way, when it’s over? You’ve barely begun. Oh, my god is a god of ironies. Microaggressions and very long lines. Slight tilts, and unrealities...and everything bad takes a very, very long time.

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