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the Black Panthers

It is 1:05 PM Wednesday afternoon here in the wilds of Michigan. It is a bitter cold day. There is a coat of snow and ice covering everything outside. It is predicted to rain this coming Friday, so assume the warm rain will melt the ice. Once the ice melts there will be flooding.

So here I sit once again talking to myself. Carol left this morning around 4 o'clock AM to catch a plane ride out to Denver CO to visit our dauther and her family for a week. Carol called this morning around 9:30 AM to tell me she had landed safe in Denver.

I have mainly spent the day wandering the house. I should go take a nap since I have been up since 3 o'clock AM. I did doze for an hour this morning in the living room easy chair.

I have written a couple of pages in my paper diary today. I also read today from a book titled, 'Prisoner Of Love' by Jean Genet. I just remembered I have already written today in my online diaries. Now I know I am tired!

I find when I am alone for long periods of time I become crazy. I talk to myself and write nonsense.

Well since I have already written in my online diaries I will close to feel wasted.

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