the Hadron Collider

It is 11:52 AM late Tuesday morning here in west Michigan. It is another cold, damp, gray day. It is predicted to snow this week. We need to call our snow removable man to make sure he will clear our driveway during the upcoming snow storm. We need to get in and out of our driveway this Winter. I hate to be stuck inside this house all winter. There is a possibility of snowing being so deep that our house will be invisible from the street.

This morning I got up around 6:15 AM. Carol had gotten up this morning around 4 o’clock AM. So I got up wandered into our living room and dozed. When I woke up I walked slowly to our kitchen and made a pot of oatmeal for breakfast. Carol and I ate our oatmeal and then left to go grocery shopping and then take old clothes to a thrift store in Zeeland, Michigan. These old clothes had belonged to Carol’s elderly friend Pam who is getting rid of stuff because she believes she is going to die soon. Pam is 94 years old and wants to end this life and go to Planet Life.

At this thrift store where we dropped off old clothes I found these three used books to ADD to our library-

‘The House of Getty’ biography by Russell Miller

‘The King In The Tree’ 3 novellas by Steven Millhauser

‘Isak Dinesen: The Life of a Storyteller’ biography by Judith Thurman

We were home from our travels around 11:15 AM today. Carol works the next two nights, so she will soon be going to bed for the day to sleep. I plan to brush my teeth and read some more of the novel, ‘The Invented Part’ by Rodrigo Fresan Translated From The Spanish By Will Vanderhyden this afternoon. The novel ‘The Invented Part’ is the first volume of a trilogy. Yesterday I received in our mail the second volume of this trilogy titled, ‘The Dreamed Part’ by Rodrigo Fresan Translated From The Spanish By Will Vanderhyden. I also have been reading by Rodrigo Fresen his novel, ‘The Bottom of the Sky’ Translated from the Spanish by Will Vanderhyden.

Well, I will close since it is now 12:07 PM in a cold dark Death Flow. There is no way of escape. Trapped.
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