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entering the new creation requires forsaking the old

It is 10:28 AM Thursday late morning here in West Michigan. It is cold cloudy gray day with patches of blue sky. It has been a typical morning thus far. Nothing strange has happened that I am aware of this morning. I got up around 6:15 AM and got myself a cup of coffee and fooled around with our main computer. Last night I filmed a video while Carol was out with family members.

After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary and read from these two books for morning worship-

'Living in Union with Christ: Paul's Gospel and Christian Moral Identity' by Grant Macaskill

'Participating in Christ: Explorations in Paul's Theology and Spirituality' by Michael J. Gorman

Carol got home from work around 9 o'clock AM and went to bed around 9:30 AM. When Carol went to bed I went outside and raked off our front lawn dead leaves. I rake the dead leaves into the street to be picked up by Holland Public Works. Now I am cooling off from physical exercise writing in my online diaries. I have nothing important to do today, but wait for eternity to come.

Last night I mainly read late into the night a novel titled, 'Ducks, Newburyport' by Lucy Ellmann. Now it is another day in my life. Carol works tonight and then she is off till next week. We are coming to the end of October 2019. It is predicted to snow next week here in Michigan. It is already snowing in Wisconsin. It is going to be a very long Winter for us! I plan to stay indoors as much as possible this Winter. The world is a dangerous place and even more dangerous during the Winter season. If I had it my way I will never leave the house. My prayer is that I will die in our bed or at least someplace in this house. Maybe I will die sitting in my study writing in my paper diary. I sure do not want to die in a hospital or some small room in Rest Home for old people.

Well I suppose I will close to sit and wait for something to make me aware that I am alive in Christ Jesus.

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