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Eat the Document (full movie)

Dylan hired Pennebaker again for his candle-burning-at-both-ends 1966 European tour with the Hawks, who were soon to morph into The Band. This time, Pennebaker and his crew were shooting in full color, fitting the more hallucinatory sounds of this era. Following the tour, Dylan rejected the rough edit Pennebaker delivered, titled Something Is Happening. Working in tandem with cameraman/editor Howard Alk, the songwriter used Pennebaker’s footage to make Eat The Document, a disjointed anti-documentary that has only been shown a handful of times and never been released on home video. Too bad. It’s not an easy watch by any means, but Eat The Document does feature plenty of incredible live clips and oddly beautiful cinematography, and offers valuable insight into Dylan’s amphetamine-frazzled mid-’60s psyche.

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