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It is 12:19 PM Wednesday afternoon in the death flow. It has been reading cats and dogs today. I am sure there is flooding happening all over the place. Maybe someday large sections of American coast areas will be under water. Maybe someday in the future New York City will be under water.

I got up around 7:30 AM because wanted to go grocery shopping. So I got dressed and we went grocery shopping. We were home from grocery shopping around 9:33 AM. I ate breakfast after we put away our groceries and then wrote in my paper diary.

Carol left this morning to visit someone and I sat in our dining room writing in my diary and listening to the rain fall. I dozed for an hour and woke up around 11:30 AM. I made a fresh pot of coffee and then Carol got home from being out in the dead American world. So has gone by existence thus far today. I plan to do nothing today since I feel wasted.

Last night I watched television with Carol. Carol went to bed around 9 o'clock PM and I read late into the night from a book titled, 'Sontag: Her Life And Work' by Benjamin Moser.

I will close to watch everything wash away down the River of Forgotten Dreams.

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