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an alternative history of contemporary American culture

It is now in the death flow 4:22 PM Wednesday late afternoon or it could also be early evening. It is up to you to decide what time of day it is.

I have not written twice in my online diaries in a very long time. The reason why I do not write twice here is because I have nothing of importance to communicate. My life is basically the same, nothing really changes from one day to the next. What I wrote several years ago could be a description of this day in my life. All my days are pretty much the same. The reason I am writing is to list the used books I recently bought at thrift stores or got in the mail. I need to make a list in case I film a video for my Youtube channel and need to paste the list below the video. I like to list the books seen in my videos because I sometimes forget to mention the author or mispronounce the name of the author etc. . . So here is a list of the used books I recently added to our library-

'West with Night' a memoir by Beryl Markham

'The River Swimmer' Novellas by Jim Harrison

'Ten Little Indians' Stories by Sherman Alexie

'The Right Madness' crime fiction by James Crumley

'God's Battalion's-The Case For The Crusades' by Rodney Stark

'Vintage Nantucket' history of Nantucket Island by A.B.C. Whipple

'Waiting for God' Spirituality by Simone Weil

'Rumpole Misbehaves' A Novel by John Mortimer

'Dear Theo: The Autobiography of Vincent Gogh' Edited by Irving Stone

'The Bible As I Was' by James K. Kugel

In the mail today I received a book I had ordered titled, 'Shaky Ground: The Sixties And Its Aftershocks' by Alice Echols. I checked out of the library today a memoir titled 'How To Disappear: a memoir for misfits' by Duncan Fallowell. This evening I have been reading this memoir 'How To Disappear' by Fallowell.

Carol called as I was writing here in my LiveJournal diary. It is cold and rainy there in Wisconsin. The weather is winter like this week throughout the Midwest.

This morning I took Tim out for breakfast. After breakfast we checked out books at Barnes & Nobles retail bookstore. The books are too expensive in this retain bookstore. After Barnes & Nobles we went to Salvation Army thrift store where I bought a bunch of used books for three dollars.

Well there is not much else to report this evening. I do not know what I will do tonight to make it all worth while. I will close to face the winter storm.

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