book of the Dark

It is 2:17 PM Sunday afternoon here in the wilds of Michigan. I am sure I spotted a bear this morning in our backyard attacking our bird feeder. It has been a cold wet gray rainy day. A day to cash in ones poker chips and pray for a world wide Holy Ghost revival.

I got up this morning around 7:30 AM. I got up feeling once again sick and depressed. This cold is a bummer! Having a cold and feeling depressed makes life difficult and not one to hope for anyone but the Living Dead. I got up this morning ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast and messed with our main computer.

Carol got home late from work because she had gone downtown and to get a Sunday newspaper. Carol went to bed around 10:10 AM, she is now off for almost two weeks. This week she leaves for Wisconsin and plans be back some next week, if the Lord spares her life.

This morning I mainly wandered the house, dozed, and wrote in my paper diary. Caleb called around 11:15 AM asking if I could pick him at the Enterprise rental place here in Holland. I said sure so I pick up Caleb and then dropped him off at his place. When I got home it was 1:45 PM and I have been watching a professional football game. Not much else to report on this cold rainy Sunday. I have been reading today from a novel titled, 'The Silent Angel' by Heinrich Boll Translated By Breon Mitchell.

Last night I read mainly 'Finnegans Wake' by James Joyce. I went to bed around 11:15 PM and now it is another week to drift in the Dead Zone.
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I am sure I spotted a bear this morning in our backyard attacking our bird feeder.

Wow! Is that common? I feel like I would be both terrified and scrambling for my camera if I saw something I thought was a bear.
I was just being weird when I wrote about seeing a bear. I write things here to see if anyone is actually reading this diary. But people do see bears around where we live.
Re: bear
Oh hahahahaaa I can't believe I thought it was a real bear. 😂🤦‍♀️ If you ever do see a real one you have to take a photo!