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Used Books Haul & Friday Reads

Used Books Haul & Friday Reads

'The Posthuman Dadda Guide-Tzara & Lenin Play Chess' by Andrei Codrescu

'Against Memoir-Complaints, Confessions, & Criticism' essays by Michelle Tea

'Ducks, Newburyport' a novel by Lucy Ellmann

'Fellow Passengers' A Novel in Portraits by Louis Auchincloss

'Samuel Johnson Is Indignant' stories by Lydia Davis

'Romance Of The Grail: The Magic and Mystery of Arthurian Myth' by Joseph Campbell

'Warriors of God: Richard The Lionheart And Saladin In The Third Crusade' by James Reston, Jr.

'The Measure of Manhattan-The Tumultuous and Surprising Legacy of John Randel Jr. Cartographer, Surveyor, Inventor' biography by Marguerite Holloway

'Gertrude Stein In Words and Pictures' The salon, Paris, famous friends, Alice B. Toklas, paintings, wars, the Lost Generation and a lifelong passion for sentences With 360 Photographs Edited by Renate Stendhal

'The Perfect Heresy-The Revolutionary Life and Death of the Medieval Cathars' by Stephen O'Shea

'Backward Ran Sentences-The Best of Wolcott Gibbs from The New Yorker' Edited and Introduced By Thomas Vinciguerra

'Battle Of Wits: The Complete Story Of Codebreaking In World II' by Stephen Budiansky

'Nancy: The Story of Lady Astor' biography by Adrian Fort

'Dungeon, Fire And Sword: The Knights Templar In The Crusades' by John J. Robinson

'Heartsblood: Hunting, Spirituality, and Wildness in America' by David Petersen

'Debt-The First 5,000 Years' Debt History by David Graeber

'The Robber Barons' American History by Matthew Josephson

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