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It is in the ongoing death flow 4:10 PM Friday late afternoon. I was sitting here in the dining room reading from a book I got in the mail titled, 'Stephen Spender: A Life In Modernism' biography by David Leeming when it dawned me I had not written yet in my online diaries. So now I am doing my duty and seeking to write something before I pass out.

I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. Carol had gotten up this morning around 5 o'clock AM. I got up and sat in our dining room drinking cold water and letting the morning sweat dry on my old skin. My skin is old. I am an old man.

Carol wanted to go grocery shopping so I got dressed and we were out the door before 8 o'clock AM. We were home from grocery shopping around 9:10 AM.

I left to volunteer at the library used books store The Book Nook around 9:40 AM. The Book Nook today was slow so I read from a novel titled, 'The Red Lily' by Anatole France. I brought home these used books from the Book Nook to ADD to our library-

'The Dean's December' a novel by Saul Bellow

'More Die Of Heartbreak' a novel by Saul Bellow

'Classic Tales Of Espionage And Suspense' by Graham Greene

When I got home from the Book Nook it was 1:10 PM. Carol was not home, she had gone to visit her elderly friend Pam. I ate lunch and then wrote in my paper diary.

In the mail this afternoon I received a used book I had ordered titled, 'Stephen Spender: A Life In Modernism" biography by David Leeming. When Carol got home around 3:10 PM I was sitting in our dining room writing in my diary and reading 'Stephen Spender: A Life In Modernism'.

Last night I mainly read late into the night, Lolita' a novel by Vladimir Nabokov. This is a reread for me reading 'Lolita'.

Well I will close to drift in the death flow. Carol goes to Covenant PCA tonight and I will spend the evening reading from these books-

'Cold Warriors Writers Who Waged The Literary Cold War' by Duncan White

'Ducks, Newburyport' a novel by Lucy Ellmann

'Stephen Spender: Journals 1939-1983' Edited By John Goldsmith

I will now make my final bow.

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