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new books in the mail & reflections on who are your favorite writers


  • Panting for Christ, the Friend of Sinners

    610 8.7.4. W. Gadsby Panting for Christ, the Friend of Sinners. Ps. 42. 1 1 Precious Jesus! Friend of sinners; We, as such, to thee draw near; Let…

  • union of flesh

    It is 2:07 PM Monday afternoon here in Western Michigan. It is 17 degrees and cloudy. It is not snowing, which is a blessing. I volunteered today at…

  • the mucilage of the underground dead

    It is 2:22 PM Sunday afternoon on a cold cloudy day. It will soon be over so be quick! I got up this morning around 5:50 AM. When I came upstairs my…

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