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Top 10 University Press Books Original Tag

Search your collection or past books you read to compile a list of your top 10 books published by a University Press that you’ve read or want to read. You can include Non-Fiction from any field of study. Because University Presses also translate classics, you can include translated classics from any publisher if you need to top up your list to a final count of 10 books.

Top 10 University Press Books Original Tag

1. 'Readings: Essays and Literary Entertainments' Michael Dirda (Indiana University Press)

2. 'Autobiography of Mark Twain' Vol. 1 (University of California Press)

3. 'Women of the Left Bank: Paris 1900-1940' Shari Benstock (University of Texas Press)

4. 'Edwin Arlington Robinson: A Poet's Life' by Scott Donaldson (Columbia University Press)

5. 'The Good and Evil Spirit' Charlesworth (Yale University Press) [I have 76 books in our library published by Yale University Press]

6. 'Sin: A History' (Yale University Press)

7. 'Edvard Munch' biography (Yale University Press)

8. 'Theology in America' Holsfied (Yale University Press)

9. 'The Spirit of Early Christian Thought' Wilken (Yale University Press)

10. 'Hermit in the Garden' (Oxford University Press)

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