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Real Life

It is in the ongoing death flow 11:22 AM late Tuesday morning here. It is humid wet rainy gray morning. I have been up since 3:45 AM this morning. The hot heat in our bedroom woke me up and I could not fall asleep so I got up.

Not much else to report this morning since I feel like awful. I can't read due to exhaustion. I plan to drift through this humid rainy day in a thick depressing fog.

Last night I could not get into my Flickr account so it looks like I won't be able to post any more photos here. It is depressing to realize I lost 26,000 photos in my Flickr account. Yesterday I came home from the Book Nook and found that Flickr had locked me out of my Flickr site. My pass word won't work so there is no way to get into my Flickr site. Maybe the Lord is telling me to go silent. Disappear from all social media sites. Just write in my paper diary till I drop dead.

Well I will close to face the coming darkness.

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