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Thrift Store Used Books Haul

Thrift Store Used Books Haul

'Bernice Abbott: A Life in Photography' biography by Julia Van Haaften

'Twilight of the Belle Epoque: The Paris of Picasso, Stravinsky, Proust, Renault, Marie Curie, Gertrude Stein, and Their Friends through the Great War' biography by Mary McAuliffe

'Stalin' biography by Edvard Radzinksy

'Trickster Makes This World: Mischief, Myth, and Art' by Lewis Hyde

'Strange News from Another Star And Other Tales' by Hermann Hesse

'The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame' a novel by Victor Hugo

'A Fraction of the Whole' a novel by Steve Toltz

'Beyond Walden: The Hidden History Of America's Kettle Lakes And Ponds' by Robert M. Thorson

'Early Writings: Poems and Prose' Ezra Pound

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