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the boy was country tough, but hillbilly tacky

It is 11:32 AM Sunday morning in the flow of existence on a planet that is slowly dying. Someday soon the earth will be dead. My prayer is that we the earth is dead we will be in the New Creation. This world is not my home I am just traveling through.

I got up this morning around 7:30 AM. I had to sleep down in the lower level because Josie slept next Nonie. Today Emily and Caleb fly home after being in Boston Mass. for a wedding. So I got up and was met by Cora who wanted me to pick her up. So I picked up Cora with my sore arms and sore hands. I do not have the physical strength to hold a 25 lb. baby, sad but true. I am a weak old man who needs to build up his muscles before he is nothing but an old ball of blubber. After holding Cora for awhile I ate breakfast and then wrote in my paper diary (I escape into my study to write down some words.)

After writing in my diary I took Ollie for a walk around our neighborhood (he had already took a shit by our front door). When I got back from taking Ollie for a walk I then drove to a bagel place to get a dozen bagels. When I got home from getting bagels I ate a bagel with cream cheese and then Carol said she wanted Sunday newspapers, so I put my pants back on and drove downtown to Reader's to get a stack of Sunday newspapers. While at Reader's World I looked at books and bought a novel titled, 'Ducks, Newburyport' by Lucy Ellmann.

So the morning has gone by. I am out of focus due to all the chaos around me. Last night I watched a college football game and went down into the lower level to sleep. Before falling asleep I read from a novel titled, 'Time Will Darken It' by William Maxwell. This morning amidst the chaos I looked at a book titled, 'The Bayou Trilogy' by Daniel Woodrell. I started reading the first novel in this trilogy titled, 'Under The Bright Lights'.

Well I will close to feel spaced. All one can do is wait for the bus to come.

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