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the diversity of life

It is 1:15 PM Saturday afternoon. It is a sunny warm day. It feels like Autumn this afternoon. We have noticed the trees are dropping their leaves.

I got up this morning around 6:10 AM. I do not know why I got up so early? I think I got up because I was tired of dreaming. When I got up Ollie ran into our bedroom to greet me.

I had a typical morning. I wrote in my diary and read. Josie and Cora are with us now till tomorrow.

I did leave the house this morning to visit local thrift stores in search of used books to add to our library-

'The Handmaid of Desire' a novel by John L’Heureux

'Religion And Science' by Bertrand Russell

'The Plague' a novel by Albert Camus

'The Great War For Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East' by Robert Fisk

'The Irish Americans: A History' by Jay P. Dolan

'The Diversity Of Life' Natural History by Edward O. Wilson

There is not much else to report so I will close for now. I am falling asleep.

Last night I finished reading the novel,'Tomato Red' by Daniel Woodrell.

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