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TBR Pile

TBR Pile

'Another Roadside Attraction' A Novel By Tom Robbins

'Letters Summer 1926 Boris Pasternak, Marina Tsvetayeva, Rainer Maria Rilke' Preface By Susan Sontag

'The Diary Of H. L. Mencken' Edited By Charles A. Fecher

'Garrets and Pretenders a History of Bohemianism in America' by Albert Parry

'Auto-Da-Fe' A Novel by Elias Canetti Translated from the German under the personal supervision of the author by C. V. Wedgwood

'Strong As Death' A Novel by Guy De Maupassant Vol. IV The Complete Works Of Guy De Maupassant

'Kasebier Takes Berlin' A Novel by Gabriele Tergit Translated By Sophie Duvernoy

'Tomato Red' A Novel by Daniel Woodrell

'Nineteen-Eighty-Four' A Novel By George Orwell

'Abel And Cain' A Novel by Gregor Von Rezzori

'The Ministry Of Truth: The Biography Of George Orwell's 1984' by Dorian Lynskey

'Am I Alone Here? Notes On Living To Read and Reading To Live' essays by Peter Orner

'See What I See' essays by Greg Gerke

'The Fan Man' A Novel by William Kotzwinkle

'Tears Of The Trufflepig' A Novel by Fernando A. Flores

'Laurus' A Novel by Eugene Vodolazkin Translated from the Russians by Lisa C. Hayden

'Wilco: Learning How To Die' biography by Greg Kot

'A Brief History of Portable Library' novella by Enrique Vila-Matas

'The Light Years' A Memoir by Chris Rush

'Ohio' A Novel by Stephen Markley

'Publish This Book' a memoir by Stephen Markley

'Personal History' A Memoir by Katharine Graham

'"I've Seen The Best Of It" a memoir by Joseph Alsop

'George Marshall Defender Of The Republic' biography by David L. Roll

'The Bookshop of the World: Making and Trading Books in the Dutch Golden Age' by Andrew Pettegree

'The Big Green Tent' A Novel by Ludmila Ultskays Translated from the Russian by Polly Gannon

'Louis Auchincloss: The Growth of a Novelist' by Vincent Piket

'Night Train To Sugar Hill' A Novel by Iceberg Slim

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