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a History of Bohemianism in America

It is 3:36 PM Saturday afternoon here in west Michigan. It is a hot sunny day. We shut up the house this morning and turned on the central air system. This morning we also shampooed our carpets. Having the central air on helps dry the carpets.

I got up this morning around 7:14 AM. We went out for breakfast this morning and when we got home we clean carpets. So has gone by the day. Not much else to report today. For some strange reason I feel very tired and find it difficult to stay awake.

I did go to a local grocery store this afternoon to get milk and wine. While out I did stop at a Goodwill Store to look at their used books. I did not come across any used books today that I wanted to add to our book collection.

Today when not falling asleep I read from these two items, 'Garrets and Pretenders a History of Bohemianism in America' by Albert Parry and 'McSweeney's #12 Summer 2003.

There is not much else to report this afternoon. Last night while babysitting Caleb and Emily's dog Ollie I sat outside with the dog and read till it got dark from a book titled, 'Christobiography: Memory, History, and the Reliability of the Gospels' by Craig Keener.

Well I suppose I will close to feel wasted. Existence keeps decaying faster and faster.

When I came out of a grocery store this afternoon this Porsche was parked next to our car. I told Carol I wanted a car like this one for my upcoming birthday.


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