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Friday Reads & A Book Nook Used Books Haul

Friday Reads & A Book Nook Used Books Haul

'The Case For Jesus: The Biblical And Historical Evidence For Christ' by Brant Pitre

'Reclaiming Participation: Christ as God's Life for All' by Cynthia Peters Anderson

'Biblical Theology of the New Testament' by Peter Stuhlmacher translated and edited by Daniel P. Bailey

'Nineteen Eighty-Four' a novel by George Orwell

'The Ministry Of Truth: The Biography Of George Orwell's 1984' by Dorian Lynskey

'Strong As Death' a novel by Guy De Maupassant Volume IV THE COMPLETE WORKS OF GUY DE MAUPASSANT copyright 1917

'Wilco: Learning How To Die' music biography by Greg Kot

'Oscar Wilde' A Biography by Philippe Jullian Translated By Violet Wyndham

'The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis'

A Worldly Country' Poems by John Ashberry'

'In Our Time' essays by Tom Wolfe

'McSweeney's volume 31 literary journal

'The Art of The New Yorker 1925-1995' by Lee Lorenz

'Cataclysm: The First World War as Political Tragedy' by David Stevenson

'Five Plays' Jean Cocteau

'Betjeman' A Biography by A. N. Wilson

'Travels In The Interior Districts of Africa' by Mango Park Edited with an Introduction by Kate Ferguson Marsters

'For The Soul of France: Culture Wars In The Age Of Dreyfus' by Frederick Brown

'The Grove Press Reader 1951-2001' Edited by S. E. Gontarski

'The Changing Light At Sandover' A Poem by James Merrill

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