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neighborhood ice cream social

Last night our neighbors and us gathered in the middle of our street and had an ice cream social. Over the years we have lived on this block we have had neighborhood pot lucks, but no ice cream socials. So most of our neighbors showed up with lawn chairs and we all sat in a big circle and ate ice creams. I did not notice neighbors tended to sit with those they already knew because they lived across the street from them. Most of our neighbors have lived on this street for many years. We did have one single older lady named Barb join us for ice cream. She bought last year the house across the street from us. I noticed Barb did not eat any ice cream. Emily our daughter-in-law sat next to Barb and talked to her.

Our son Caleb his family joined us even though they lived the down the other block. But Caleb grew up with these neighbors so in a way he was a neighbor from this block.

I sat and watched the neighbors interact. We all met in the middle of the street around 6:30 PM and by 7:30 PM folks were walking back to their houses. Carol and I cleaned up and then walked back to our house. Carol wrote down everyone's e-mail address and plans are in the works to get together as neighbors next year if the world has not come to an end.

I took pictures of the neighborhood ice cream social as I sat eating ice cream.

neighborhood ice cream social


neighborhood ice cream social

neighborhood ice cream social

Carol & Josie


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