It is 3:31 PM Monday afternoon in the Death Flow. I just cleaned up after mowing our lawn front and back. Who says they do not believe in miracles?

It is a cool cloudy sunny breezy afternoon in the Wasteland. I have been feeling sick all day, but I force myself to live in the Dead Zone. I believe in the Resurrection of the dead.

This morning weird dreams and sweat drove me out of bed. When I stumbled out our bedroom I found Carol sitting in the living room reading the Bible. I got a bottle of ice mountain sparkling cold water and sat near my wife remembering all my past deeds.

Finally I got up went to our kitchen and pour out a bowl of cereal for breakfast. After breakfast I wrote in my paper diary and messed with our main computer. I left for the library around 9:10 AM to check out the Friends of the Library used books sale and to volunteer at the Book Nook.

I brought home today from the Friends of the Library used books sale and from the Book Nook these used books to ADD to our library-

'On Booze' essay by F. Scott Fitzgerald

'Mythologies' essays by Roland Barthes Translated by Annette Larer

'Dusk and Other Stories' by James Salter

'American Sea Writing: A Literary Anthology' Edited and With An Introduction by Peter Neill

'Trajectory' Stories by Richard Russo

'The Dud Avocado' a novel by Elaine Dundy

'Flaubert' A Biography by Frederick Brown

'Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit' a novel by Janette Winterson

'The Bourgeois Experience: Victoria To Freud' Volume 1 'Education of the Senses' by Peter Gay

'Gleanings in France' Selected Letters by James Fenimore Cooper

'A Motor-Flight through France' travel writing by Edith Wharton

'Empire of Cotton: A Global History' by Sven Berkert

'Writings From The New Yorker 1925-1976' E.B. White

'The Encyclopedia of Ireland' Edited by Brian Lalor

Today the Book Nook was busy due to people attending the Friends of the Library used books sale. When not helping people I read 'Nineteen Eight-Four' a novel by George Orwell.

When I got home from the Book Nook I found Carol gone. She got home around 3 o'clock PM and is now sleeping because she works tonight.

I am sick and I believe I am at the end of my rope. I will close to feel sick and to read some more of the book, 'The Ministry Of Truth: The Biography Of George Orwell's 1984' by Dorian Lynskey.
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