the Age of Aquarius

It is 10:13 AM Saturday morning here in west Michigan. It is another hot day in Michigan and throughout the world. The earth is overheated in time the world will be a dead planet. Aliens in the future will visit this planet and find only plastic bottles.

I got up this morning and we soon left to go grocery shopping. Now we are home and I am still have not woken up to this day in the Dead Zone.

I am not going to the second day of the Friends of the Library used books sale because I am too tired. I need to rest today from being out in the dead world.

Carol is taking Josie to a play at Hope College this afternoon. Caleb is bringing over Cora this afternoon to hang out here. Emily is working today and Caleb is watching the girls.

Last night I basically wandered my cell and read 'The Fan Man' a novel by William Kotzwinkle. I do not know when I will be able to get back into my intellectually heavy Christian books. I am tired and overheated.

When we got back from food gather and filling up the car with gas I wrote in my paper diary. I ate for breakfast a ham sandwich, that was fun.

Last night I counted the number of used books I bought at the Friends of the Library used books sale and the total was 39 used books. I would say the theme of these used books in Art and Writing. In another life I would have been a Writer or an Artist. I did ask myself last night as I was looking the piles of used books I recently bought if any of them would advance my spiritual growth. Is there any divine wisdom in any of the these used books I bought recently? Or is all this literature useless in achieving spiritual maturity? In the end it is all absurd. Am I wasting Time and money on vanity?

I will close to brush my teeth and sit.

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Somedays nihilism is the only thing that permeates. Especially in this heat, in its oppressiveness. It's easy to feel as if there is no point, or as if the point is there but meaningless, or it somehow is escaping us.

If it helps, I don't think books are ever wasted. I think it calls us to be a higher self - and if there is a Divine, that higher self reveals itself in words. It's not pointless. You're still working your mind by reading. That puts you ahead of so many people.
there is a Divine
Due to running around in the mornings I have had not the time to have devotions. I am off center. In time I will get back to my flow.