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Tuesday Reads

Tuesday Reads

'Biblical Theology of the New Testament' by Peter Stuhlmacher

'The Beauty of The Lord: Theology As Aesthetics' by Jonathan King

'Abel And Cain' a novel by Gregor Von Rezzori

'Doing Theology With The Reformers' by Gerald L. Bray

'Romans' New Testament VI Ancient Christian Commentary On Scripture Edited By Gerald Bray

'Romans 1-8' New Testament VII Reformation Commentary On Scripture Edited By Gwenfair Walters Adams

'Reading Scripture With The Reformers' by Timothy George

'Reformation Readings of Paul: Explorations in History and Exegesis' Edited By Michael Allen and Jonathan A. Linebaugh

'Reading Scripture With The Church Fathers' by Christopher A. Hall

'Worshiping With The Church Fathers' by Christopher A. Hall

'Reading The Old Testament With The Ancient Church: Exploring the Formation of Early Christian Thought' by Ronald E. Heine

'Tradition, Scripture, And Interpretation: A Sourcebook of the Ancient Church' Edited by D.H. Williams

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