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Christ manifested the form of God in the form of a slave

It is 1:31 PM Tuesday afternoon here where we live out our numbered days. We all are given a certain number of days to prepare for the Eternal State. I am extremely tired so I will make this short and sweet. If I sit too still I immediately fall asleep.

I got up this morning around around 7 o'clock AM. When I got up I found Carol reading in the living room. I got a bottle of cold water and sat across from my wife seeking to wake up to another day in my Life. After waking up somewhat I ate breakfast and then wrote in my paper diary. After writing in my diary I read till Noon from a book titled, 'The Beauty of The Lord: Theology As Aesthetics' by Jonathan King.

Carol left this morning to visit her elderly friend Pam.

I have nothing to do today but find someway to keep myself from falling asleep. It might rain this afternoon.

Last night I watched a taped television show with Carol. She went to bed early and I stayed up late reading my books. I started reading last night a novel titled, 'Time Will Darken It' by William Maxwell.

Yesterday evening Caleb dropped by with Josie, Cora, and his pet dog Ollie. We had not seen the girls in over a week. Little Cora had grown since we last saw her. And Josie is becoming a little girl more and more. Soon Josie and Cora will be teenagers and we will be ancient grandparents.

Well, I am wasted so I will close to drift. Not sure what I will read next. I do have a book being delivered by Amazon this afternoon titled, 'Doing Theology with the Reformers' by Gerald Bray. I have been reading for several months for morning devotions a book titled, 'Romans 1-8' New Testament VII Reformation Commentary On Scripture Edited By Gwenfair Walters Adams.

I need to close before I collapse.

wild flower garden

wild flower garden

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