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A Book Nook Goldmine Used Books Haul

A Book Nook Goldmine Used Books Haul

'Auden' a biography by Richard Davenport-Hines

'Edward Hopper: An Intimate Biography' by Gail Levin

The Paris Review Spring 2012 issue 200

'Zuleika Dobson' a novel by Max Beerbohm New York The Heritage Press 1960 hardcover edition

'A Sudden Light' A Novel by Garth Stein

'Echoes Of An Autobiography' by Naguib Mahfouz Translated by Deny Johnson-Davis

'Two Lives: Gertrude And Alice' by Janet Malcolm

'The Grand Surprise: The Journals Of Leo Lerman' Edited By Stephen Pascal

'Proust and his World' with 145 illustrations by William Sansom

'Psychogeography: Disentangling the Modern Conundrum of Psyche and Place' Words by Will Self Pictures by Ralph Steadman

'The Eye of the Lynx: Galileo, His Friends, And The Beginning of Modern Natural History' by David Freedberg

'The Longest Cocktail Party: An Insider's Diary Of The Beatles. Their Million Dollar 'Apple' Empire And Its Wild Rise And Fall' by Richard DiLello

'The Libertine Reader: Eroticism And Enlightenment In Eighteenth-Century France' Edited By Michael Feher

'The Travelers' a novel by Regina Porter

'Paris Interzone : Richard Wright, Lolita, Boris Vian and other on the Left Bank 1946-1960' by James Campbell

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