His appearance will astonish the powerful upon the earth

It is 11:35 AM Thursday late morning here in west Michigan. It is a warm day, but not super hot. Carol opened up the house this morning when it was cool. I have not shut the house up yet because the heat is still bearable.

Carol left this morning around 10:15 AM for a class at the hospital she works at. She did not know when she would be home today from her class.

This morning I have been doing the usual things to keep myself from falling asleep. We are still dog sitting Ollie our oldest son's puppy, so I can't leave the house. I really have no need to leave the house today.

This morning I read for awhile from a book titled, 'Biblical Theology of the New Testament' by Peter Stuhlmacher. After reading this volume for a couple of hours I dozed for an hour. Now I have been reading a book I got in the mail yesterday titled, 'See What I See' essays by Greg Gerke. Last night before going to bed I read from a novel titled, 'Abel And Cain' by Gregor Von Rezzori.

Well there is not much else to report today. Life keeps floating along full speed. We will soon be in the middle of July 2019. Summer will soon be gone and Autumn will be here once again. The years just fly by!
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