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Friday Reads & Book Nook Used Books Store Haul

Friday Reads & Book Nook Used Books Store Haul

'Biblical Spirituality' Edited By Christopher W. Morgan

'Trinity Without Hierarchy: Reclaiming Nicene Orthodoxy in Evangelical Theology' Editors Michael F. Bird & Scott Harrower

'Abel And Cain' a novel by Gregor Von Rezzori Translated from the German by David Dollenmayer, Joachim Neugroschel, and Marshall Yarbrough

'The Light Years' A Memoir by Chris Rush

'Attention: Dispatches from a Land of Distraction' essays by Joshua Cohen

'The Unwinding: An Inner History Of The New America' non-fiction by George Packer

'Don't Send Flowers' Crime Fiction by Martin Solares Translated by Heather Cleary

'Sunset Limited' A Dave Robicheaux Novel by James Lee Burke

'Jennie Gerhardt' a novel by Theodore Dreiser

'Victoria: A Life' biography by A. N. Wilson

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