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It is in the flow of existence in a fallen world Tuesday 11:33 AM late morning. It is another humid day in the Dead Zone. It is predicted to rain and thunder today. It is dry outside so some rain would be a blessing.

I am experiencing a state of pure exhaustion today. I am coming to the end I think. Carol took the grandchildren to the Dutch Village tourist trap this morning. They should be back soon for food and chaos. When everyone left I mowed our front lawn. But due to weakness I could not find the will power to mow our back lawn. The backyard lawn will have to wait for a better day.

This morning I did find some time for devotions and read from a book I got in the mail yesterday titled, 'Biblical Spirituality' Edited By Christopher W. Morgan [Theology In Community].

I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. I have not been sleeping soundly for many a day.

Last night is a blur so I won't try to recall what happened in my present state of exhaustion.

Well, I will close to feel wasted. The Lord God reigns!

I forgot to mention Caleb dropped off his dog Ollie this morning, so he has been keeping me company during my last days.

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