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the image of God belongs to the essence of our humanity

It is 5:01 PM Wednesday evening here in west Michigan. I thought since I got the time and money I would list the used books I found today at local thrift stores. I found these used books at Bibles For Mexico Thrift Store and Goodwill-

'Surrender Or Starve: Travels In Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, And Eritrea' by Robert D. Kaplan

'Left Illusions: An Intellectual Odyssey' memoir by David Horowitz

'The Trial Of Adolf Hitler: The Beer Hall Putsch And The Rise Of Nazi Germany' by David King

'Ladysmith' A Novel by Giles Foden

'Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human' by Harold Bloom

I got back from thrift stores around 12:35 PM. Carol was still up when I got home. Caleb stopped by with Ollie, he walks Ollie during his lunch break.

This afternoon I mowed our lawn, because I was falling asleep. Carol left while I was mowing to visit her elderly friend Pam and then to babysit some kids for a married couple in her church (Carol is watching these kids so this couple can go out for dinner without screaming kids to deal with.) I have been recovering from mowing the lawn basically this evening. Not much else to report so I will close to face the approaching apocalypse.

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