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the majesty of Scripture

It is 11:14 AM Wednesday late morning here in West Michigan. It is a damp cloudy day. It feels like it could rain sometime today. This morning when my wife got home around 9:15 AM she asked me if during the night did I hear the thunder storm roll through? I said No. I did notice this morning when I got up at 5:58 AM that the sidewalks were wet.

I got this morning feeling feverish and damp with sick sweat. I am very sick with a late Spring early Summer cold. I think I am falling apart in my old age. Time is catching up with me and calling in IOU's. So I got up got a glass of cold winter and sat in the living room wondering if this is the day I die. Is this the day I am rushed to the hospital and will die? Am I ready to meet the Judge the Lord Jesus Christ. Am I ready to give up the ghost?

I woke myself up around 7:30 AM warmed up a cup of coffee and ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Next I messed with our main computer and then wrote in my paper diary. After writing down my last will and testament I got out to read for morning departure, 'Theoretical-Practical Theology-Prolegomena' Volume 1 by Petrus Van Mastricht Translated By Todd M. Rester Edited By Joel R. Beeke.

Carol got home late from work this morning because she had her work evaluations. She was in bed by 9:30 AM. I dozed and now I am writing in my online diaries. I am very sick so I plan to sit and wait for physical and spiritual healing.

Last night I filmed a short video for my Youtube channel and read 'Ohio' a novel by Stephen Markley. I went to bed around 11:30 PM. I slept poorly due to being very sick. Well I will close to drift through this day in a fog of sickness.

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