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Monday morning reads 
27th-May-2019 10:42 am

Monday morning reads

'Reformed Systematic Theology-Revelation and God' Volume 1 by Joel R. Beeke & Paul M. Smalley

'Reformed Dogmatics-Prolegomena' Volume 1 by Herman Bavinck John Bolt, Editor John Vriend Translator

'Philosophy of Revelation' A New Annotated Edition by Herman Bavinck Edited by Cory Brock and Nathaniel Gray Sutanto

'A Theology Of Word & Spirit: Authority & Method In Theology' by Donald G. Bloesch [Christian Foundations]

'The Crisis of Piety' by Donald G. Bloesch

'Spirit Hermeneutics: Reading Scripture in Light of Pentecost' by Craig S. Keener Foreword by Amos Yong

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