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the highest goal is the glory of God

"Living for God demands specifically: 1. The threefold aim
LII. Specifically, living for God demands three things. First, it demands that we set before us the proper goal of our life, that is, so that we may not run aimlessly and beat the air (1 Cor.(9:26) as an archer without a target. For the end directs the use of the means. It removes our aversion to them, or at least mitigates it, when we forget what is behind us, and are carried toward the goal that is in front of us (Phil. 3:14). Moreover, the proper goal of life has in all three parts: (1) The highest goal is the glory of God, and naturally so, because for this we were made (Isa. 43:7), for this we were remade and born again (1 Cor.6:20), and for this we are called by the gospel (Matt.5:16). Therefore, let us be carried toward this point in all our actions (1 Cor. 10:31), and willingly expend ourselves and our goods (Phil.1:10,21). (2) The intermediate goal is the salvation of our own soul most of all constrained, after the glory of God, to pursue. (3) The last goal is the advantage of our neighbor, for we are not born only for ourselves, but also for our neighbor. To this end our Savior directed himself (Matt. 18:11). To this end we should direct ourselves: that we promote the salvation of our neighbors. Let us light their way to it by the holy example of our life, and let us avoid scandals most earnestly (1 Cor. 10:32). . ." pg. 110 Petrus Van Manstricht

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