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God as the sole object of the spiritual life

"What does living for God required? In general
First, what exactly does living for God require? Although the answer in fact extends through the whole syntagma of theology that we will expound in each of the theological heads, with God's help, nevertheless, presented in summary from it contains, first in general, the following: (1) We should establish God as the sole object of the spiritual life (Ps.16:8), that is, in every part of our life and with a singular focus we should endeavor to serve and to please God (Gal.1:10, 2 Cor 5:9) which is what it means, according to the Scriptures, to live for God. (2) We should make the will of God the sole norm of our life (1 Peter 4:2,6), for this is what it means to live according to God. (3) We should set God before us as the goal of our whole life (Phil. 1:20-21; 2 Cor 5:9). Finally. (4) we should endeavor and do all of this by the power of God. So then, as we taught above, living for God, at least generally, is nothing other than directing every act of our natural, civil, and spiritual life according to the precept of the divine Word, for the glory of God, by the power of God that is in us while we act. . ." pg. 109 Petrus Van Mastricht 'Theoretical-Practical Theology: Prolegomena' Volume 1

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