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A Used Books Haul 
19th-May-2019 12:02 pm

A Used Books Haul

'The Ring Of Brightest Angels Around Heaven: A Novella And Stories' by Rick Moody

'A Field Guide To The Atmosphere' Vincent J. Schaefer/John A. Day

'The Demon and the Angel: Searching for the Source of Artistic Inspiration' by Edward Hirsch

'Eating: A Memoir' by Jason Epstein

'Hell's Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga' by Hunter S. Thompson

'God's Funeral' non-fiction by A. N. Wilson

'South' American history by B.C. Hall & C.T. Wood

'Arcadia' a novel by Jim Crace

'Bernard Shaw: His Life and Personality' biography by Hesketh Pearson

'Lenny Bruce Is Dead' a novel by Jonathan Goldstein

'Macbeth' A Crime Thriller by Jo Nesbo

'House of Leaves' a novel by Mark Z. Danielewski

'The Essential Writings of William James 1902-1910' The Library of America edition

'The Portable Rabelais'

'Against the Grain: A Deep History of The Earliest States' by James Cd. Scott

'The Autumn of the Middle Ages' by Johan Huizinga Translated by Rodney J. Payton & Ulrich Mammitzsch

'Birds of America' Editor-In-Chief T. Gilbert Pearson

'Theodore Roosevelt' biography by Nathan Miller

'The Most of S. J. Perelman' by S. J. Perelman
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