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It is 2:10 PM Sunday afternoon in the flow of existence. The day has progressive gotten warmer. Outside it is not sunny, but gray. It is predicted to rain this evening around 5 o'clock PM. Make hay while the sun shines.

I got up this morning around 6:10 AM. I got up and made a pot of coffee. Carol and I were to have a Mother's Day breakfast at Caleb and Emily's around 8:45 AM.

Carol got up around 7:30 AM. When she got up I was reading and writing in my paper diary. I got out these books to read this morning-

'Romans 1-8' New Testament VII Reformation Commentary On Scripture

'We Become What We Worship: A Biblical Theology Of Idolatry' by G.K. Beale

'All Things New: Revelation as canonical capstone' by Brian J. Tabb

'Hidden But Now Revealed: A Biblical Theology of Mystery' by G.K. Beale and Benjamin L. Gladd

Before going over to Caleb and Emily's this morning we went downtown to Reader's World Bookstore to get a stack of Sunday newspapers. While at Reader's World I bought a book titled, 'The Bookshop of the World: Making and Trading Books in the Dutch Golden Age' by Andrew Pettegree & Arthur der Weduwen

We were at Caleb and Emily's around 8:55 AM. Emily's parents were there visiting. We had a nice time celebrating Mother's Day. Carol had to be at Covenant PCA by 10:15 AM so we left around 9:55 AM for home. Well I won't go into great detail about all that we have done thus far today. While Carol was gone to attend church I read my books and made a video for my Youtube channel.

Last night I watched television and read my books till 11 o'clock PM. I read from these books yesterday-

'My Friends' a novel by Emmanuel Bove Translated By Janet Louth

'Only Americans Burn In Hell' a satire by Jarett Kobek

'White' essays by Bret Easton Ellis

'The Faculty Of Dreams' a novel by Sara Stridsberg Translated from the Swedish by Deborah Bragan-Turner

'The Light Years' a memoir by Chris Rush

'Going Native'a novel by Stephen Wright

I suppose I will close to read and write in my paper diary. I did look through the New York Review of Books this morning. I ordered a novel from Amazon that was reviewed in the New York Times Review titled, 'Revolutionaries' a novel by Joshua Furst. Existence keeps speeding by!

I just remembered last night we had dinner at Caleb and Emily's. We got at their place around 5:10 PM. We left around 7:10 PM for home. It is nice having Caleb and Emily just down the street. Emily's parents were there last night also for dinner.

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