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Wednesday Reads

Wednesday Reads

'Memoirs Of A Revolutionary' by Victor Serge Translated from the French by Peter Sedgwick with George Pizis

'Notebooks 1936-1947' by Victor Serge Translated By Mitchell Abidor & Richard Greeman

'My Friends' a novel by Emmanuel Bove Translated By Janet Louth

'White' essays by Bret Easton Ellis

'French Exit' a novel by Patrick DeWitt

'The Light Years' a memoir by Chris Rush

'Only Americans Burn In Hell' a novel/satire by Jarett Kobek

'The Message Of The Old Testament: Promise Made' by Mark Dever Foreword By Graeme Goldsworthy

'The Message Of The New Testament: Promises Kept' by Mark Dever Foreword By John MacArthur

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