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It is in the death flow 12:53 PM Thursday afternoon. It is another dismal gray rainy Spring day here in the land of the Dead.

I am right now feeling totally drained of any life force, but one must carry on the fight of the Faith. Carol just left to visit with her sister-in-law Gail, the wife of her late brother Dave. Dave recently died from a form of cancer. Caleb stopped for lunch, he walks his dog Ollie on his work lunch break. Ollie is such a cute little fellow!

Carol and I left for my doctor's appointment around 8:20 AM. I had this morning my yearly physical. I am doing fine according to my recently blood work. We were out of the doctor's by 9:35 AM. After my doctor's appointment Carol and I visited a thrift store and then stopped at a restaurant in Zeeland for breakfast. I found these thrift store used books this morning-

'The Hours Of Catherine Of Cleves-Introduction And Commentary' by John Plummer

'The Amalgamation Polka' a novel by Stephen Wright

'Concise Dictionary Of Christianity In America' Editors: Daniel G. Reid, Robert D. Linder, Bruce L. Shelley, Harry S. Stout, Craig A. Noll

'Life Mask' a novel by Emma Donoglhue

Before coming home we stopped at two other thrift stores. I did not find anything, but Carol bought stuff for our six grandchildren like toys and clothes.

Well I am extremely tired so I will close to drift. Last night was a long time ago and I am too tired to write about it. Caleb built us a new computer last night and got in running. We needed a new computer. Well time to face what comes next. All I have attempted to read today was from a book titled, 'All Things New: Revelation as canonical capstone' by Brian J. Tabb [New Studies In Biblical Theology].

Last night Amazon delivered a memoir I had ordered titled, 'The Light Years' a memoir by Chris Rush. Yesterday when capable I read from these books-

'White' essays by Bret Easton Ellis

'Only Americans Burn In Hell' a satire by Jarett Kobek

OK I will now close for the time being.

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