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Tuesday Reads 
26th-Mar-2019 10:03 am

Tuesday Reads

'Being In Christ: A Biblical and Systematic Investigation in a Reformed Perspective' by Hans Burger

'The Accursed' A novel by Joyce Carol Oates

'Nicotine' A novel by Nell Zink

'The Marshall Plan: Dawn Of The Cold War' by Benn Steil

'Weight: The Myth Of Atlas And Heracles' by Jeanette Winterson

'Merry Men' a novel by Carolyn Chute

'Life Class: The Selected Memoirs Of Diana Athill' With An Introduction By Ian Jack

'The Pharmacy: Windows on History' Edited By Regine Potzsch

'William Morris: Artist, Craftsman, Pioneer' by R. Ormiston & N. M. Wells
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