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the recapitulation of all things

"So the glorification and exaltation of Christ has a twofold soteriological significance: It is a pattern and example of our future glorification and as exalted mediator Christ is still active for the benefit of the church.

The story of Jesus Christ never ends, according to Owen. Furthermore, his person and work not only have significance for human nature, but for the whole of creation. God created heaven for the family of angels and the earth for the family of man. For their continuance of being, both families dependent on God as their head. As sin disturbed this unity and order, God wanted to bring them all together in one family under one head. Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God is the one head wherein God gathered all and reconciled all things in heaven and earth in him to himself. All God's communication of virtue, power, grace and goodness to all things comes immediately from this head. 'In Him they all consist, on Him do they depend, unto Him are they subject; in their relation unto Him doth their peace, union, and agreement among themselves consist'. So in the recapitulation of all things, everything on heaven and earth is gathered in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He is active in the new creation in the same way as he was active in creation as the wisdom and the power of the Father. This activity shall never end. Christ will give up his kingdom to the Father, but Christ in and by his human nature shall forever be the head of the new creation. We shall never lose our relation with him and he shall forever be the way of communication between God and the glorified saints." pg. 52,53 'Being In Christ' by Hans Burger

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