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warped moral superiority of the American Left

It is 9:09 AM Sunday morning here where we live out the American nightmare. All around us is a turbulent death flow.

I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. All of sudden I am not sure what time I got up this morning. I just know when I got up it was not yet 7 o'clock AM because I had been thinking I might go downtown for breakfast this morning at the Wind Mill. But after getting up I made a decision just to stay home this morning and eat whatever I could find here for a morning meal. So I got up made a pot of coffee and ate a bowl of cereal. After breakfast I went downtown to Reader's World Bookstore to get a stack of Sunday newspapers. Carol told me yesterday while we were talking on the phone she wanted me to get Sunday newspapers today because of the coupons.

So I went downtown and got Sunday newspapers. I looked around the store at all the books but saw nothing that I wanted bad enough to blow a wad of money on. Plus maybe this coming Thursday if I go to Grand Rapids to pick up Carol I will visit bookstores. Right now I am sick of books. I have a TON to read presently!

I think I am getting to a place where I am stuffed and can't get any more words into my brain. I have a ton of shit to deal with these days. I need to sit in silence and pray for salvation before life comes crashing down on my head.

Yesterday around 4 o'clock PM I went down the street and hung out with Caleb, Emily, Josie and Cora. We had dinner and the we sat around and talked. I left their place around 6:30 PM and drove home. Carol had called while I was at Caleb and Emily's, so I called her back.

Well, I am falling asleep so I will close to doze. I had a very difficult time falling asleep last night. I do not think I fell asleep till around 1 o'clock AM. I also had weird dreams all night that woke me up couple of times.

Cora Leigh
Cora Leigh

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