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It is in the Death Flow 12:40 PM Wednesday afternoon. I was a moment ago sitting reading from a novel titled, 'Merry Men' by Carolyn Chute when I realized I had not written any shit in my online diaries. So before I fall into a lifeless coma I made a major decision to write some words. Remember folks I am a Writer and a Dreamer.

I got up this morning once again around 7:10 AM. I got up made myself a pot of oatmeal for breakfast and brewed a fresh pot of coffee. I ate my oatmeal messing with our main computer. In the mornings when I on the computer I checked for e-mail, read some World News, watched some Booktube videos and then listen to music in Youtube. After messing with our main computer I wrote a couple of pages in my paper diary, read, and made a video for my Youtube channel. So went by the morning hours. Carol has not called from out West today. This is her last full day with our son Josiah, his wife Hannah and their little girl Marika Rose. Tomorrow this time Carol will be in Denver Co. visiting our daughter Bethany and her family husband Andy and her three children Lou, Marn, and Jack. I will be here waiting for the Second Coming of Christ Jesus.

I plan to do nothing today. Outside it is gray and rainy. Last night I hardly remember. I basically read all day and into the night from the novel, 'Merry Men' by Carolyn Chute. I went to bed and read 'Merry Men' into the early morning hours.

Well not much else to write about so I will close to drift and wait for a phone call from wife.

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