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By The Bet Questions Tag

By The Bet Questions

What this tag is suppose to be is that one goes through each letter of the alphabet and then state what that letter means to ones Booktube channel. If I for example was to say A stands for the 17th century English Puritan Issac Ambrose my viewers could agree with me that my Booktube channel does in fact present videos on English Puritanism or disagree and state in a comment that my Booktube channel does not have content on 17th century English Puritanism.

A Issac Ambrose 'Looking Unto Jesus' book

B T.C. Boyle

C St. John of the Cross Mystical theology

D Devil The Liar The Deceiver Spiritual warfare

E Ralph Waldo Emerson

F False as in false doctrine

G God The Trinity

H Hell and Heaven The Eternal State

I Inner the interior life

J James Joyce Modernism

K Jack Kerouac Spontaneous Prose

L Love the love of God

M Music

N Nothingness

O Joyce Carol Oates one of my favorite American writers

P The Apostle Paul NT Pauline Theology

Q Quiet the contemplative life

R Protestant Reformation Evangelical Calvinism

S Spirituality biblical spirituality

T Thou music group

U John Updike one of my favorite American writer

V Video Booktube

W Wasteland description of the present fallen world

X X-Rated censorship

Y Yob music group

Z Emile Zola social realism his novel 'Nana'

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