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spiritual formation

It is in the death flow 1:17 PM Thursday afternoon. Outside this afternoon it is cold and gray.

This morning Carol and I left for the Grand Rapids Airport around 4:15 AM. We were at the airport around 5:15 AM. I dropped Carol off and drove home. Before coming home I stopped at a gas station and filled up the car with gas. When I got home It was past 6 o'clock AM. Carol had called me and said she had left her cell phone by mistake and wanted me sent it to her by overnight express. (I found Carol's cell phone in the car laying on the back seat, it must have fallen out her purse.)

I dozed till 10:30 AM woke up and wrote in my paper diary. I then left the house to go to our local US Post Office and mail Carol's cell phone to her. After the Post Office I visited a thrift store to look at their used books and then went grocery shopping. I found only one used book this morning titled, 'Zigzag Through The Bitter-Orange Trees' A novel by Ersi Sotiropoulos Translated by Peter Green.

When I got home I ate lunch and messed with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I wrote some more shit in my paper diary. Now I am writing some shit in my online diaries. Carol is suppose to call me when her plane lands in Seattle Washington.

I have no plans for the rest of the day. I have been reading this morning from a book titled, 'Embracing Contemplation: Reclaiming A Christian Spiritual Practice' Edited by Coe and Strobel. I just remembered this morning before I passed out from exhaustion I made a short video for my Youtube channel on what I have been reading lately.

Well I will close to drift through the rest of this day. I need to catch up on my beauty rest. Life is a battle. There is victory for God's people against the powers of darkness.

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