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what I have been reading lately

what I have been reading lately

'The Epistle to the Romans' [The New International Greek Testament Commentary] by Richard N. Longenecker

'Preaching Romans: Four Perspectives' Scot McKnight & Joseph B. Modica, editors

'Paul & the Gift' by John M G, Barclay

'Embracing Contemplation: Reclaiming A Christian Spiritual Practice' Edited By John H. Coe & Kyle C. Strobel

'Complete Stories' by Clarice Lispector Translated from the Portuguese by Katrina Dodson

'Novels In Three Lines' by Felix Feneon Translated And With In Introduction By Luc Sante

'Nervous States: Democracy And The Decline Of Reason' by William Davies

"for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" Rom. 3:23

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