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the unconscious feeling that violence could arise from anywhere

It is 3:07 PM Friday afternoon in the flow of decadence. I am falling asleep so I better get ripping.

I got up this morning around 6:05 AM this morning. Carol was already up when I got up. She did not want any oatmeal so I ate coffee cake and a bowl of cereal for a morning meal. I messed with our main computer and then wrote in my paper diary. I read some of my massive commentary on the Epistle to the Romans by Richard Longenecker, but could not get into it so I decided to not read anything.

I left to volunteer at the library used bookstore the Book Nook around 9:40 AM. Only one person came into the store this morning. While volunteering at the Book Nook I read and wandered the store till it was time for me to exit. I read at the Book Nook the novel 'Thomas Murphy' by Roger Rosenblatt. I brought home from the Book Nook these used items to add to our library-

'The Piano Teacher' A Novel by Elfriede Jelinek Translated by Joachim Nengroschel

'Warrior Of God; Richard The Lionheart And Saladin In The Third Crusade' by James Reston, Jr.

'The Ends Of The Earth: An Anthology Of The Finest Writing On The Arctic' Edited By Elizabeth Kilbert and in the same volume, 'The Ends Of The Earth: An Anthology Of The Finest Writing On The Antarctic' Edited By Francis Spufford

'Sex, Drugs, And Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto' Essays by Chuck Klosterman

I got home from the Book Nook around 1:10 PM. When I got home Carol was not here to greet me. I wrote in my diary about my wild adventures and then messed with our main computer.

Carol got home around 2:37 AM and went to bed. She works the next three nights and then is off for three weeks. Next week she leaves for two weeks for the Wild West where Indians are on the warpath and demons scream for the souls of men.

Last night I read from a book titled, 'Nervous States: Democracy And The Decline Of Reason' by William Davis and watched television. Carol and I went to bed around 10:33 PM. Now it is another day, the first day of March 2019.

I suppose I will close to feel like shit. I forgot to mention that last night Caleb, Emily, Josie and Cora were here for dinner and to sing Happy Birthday to Emily. They got here around 4 o'clock PM and left around 6:30 PM.

Josie & Cora
Josie & Cora

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