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A Book Nook Used Books Haul

A Book Nook Used Books Haul

'Thomas Murphy' A Novel by Roger Rosenblatt

'Selected Stories of Franz Kafka' With an Introduction by Philip Rahv [Modern Library of America]

'Fahrenheit 451' fiction by Ray Bradbury

'Nancy Mitford The Biography' by Harold Acton

'Paradiso' a novel by Jose Lezama Lima Translated by Gregory Rabassa

'The Norton Book of London' Edited by A.N. Wilson

'Burning Chrome' science fiction by William Gibson

'Dante's Divine Comedy' by Dante Alighieri with Illustrations by Gustave Dore

'Mother Night' A Novel by Kurt Vonnegut Jr

'The Life Of Langston Hughes: Volume 1: 1902-1941 I, Too, Sing America' biography by Arnold Rampersad

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