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It is 4:40 PM Wednesday evening presently. Outside it is raining lightly on the cold white slush snow. Tonight the rain covered streets will turn into sheets of slick ice. Carol told me the other day people had been coming into the Hospital Emergency with broken bones that they received from falling on ice covered surfaces. Carol told me last night that I would be driving her to work tonight because she does not want after work in the morning have to chip off the car windows.

I have a super quiet day. I have heard mainly our furnace and snow falling off our roof.

I got in the mail this afternoon a used paperback novel titled, 'The Woman in the Photograph' by Dana Gynther. I got this novel because it is a based on the life of the famous woman photographer Lee Miller. I recently bought a new novel that just came out that is also based on Lee Miller titled, 'The Age Of Light' A Novel by Whitney Scharer. I have been reading this afternoon and now into the evening hours these two novels comparing their writing style. I think the novel 'The Age Of Light' is more wordy. The novel 'The Woman in the Photograph' is very simple and straight forward in its narrative flow.

I will be alone again tonight, because Carol works. I do not know what I will do tonight to keep myself awake. I made a video last night for my Youtube channel and do not want to make one tonight. Also I keep asking myself why I write here in LJ and why I make videos in Youtube? I do not want to be known. I really think I am a nobody. I have nothing important to communicate to the outside world. I am just a big shit head. What people out to do is read the Holy Bible. People need to hear the Voice of God not my voice or read my words. I am nothing.

Tomorrow is a Thursday. We are slowly coming to the end of February. Next month Carol will be gone two weeks. I will be alone inside this house alone for two weeks.

I hear Carol waking up to existence in the death flow. I have a fresh pot of coffee already to make when she appears. I will close for the time being.

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