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the center of the soul

"The peace and repose of the seventh mansions are inner, not necessary outer. One can suffer intensely from human sins and ignorance and ineptitudes, but there remains down deep in the soul as great calm. One can sense and emotional levels there may be little or no peace, but in the center of the soul, as the saints explains, there are stability and serenity. Teresa finds it difficult to explain how this can happen, and so she resorts to examples. "A king is living in his palace," she remarks, "many wars are waged in his kingdom and many other distressing things happen there, but he remains where he is despite them all. . . Our whole body may be in pain, yet if our head is sound the fact that the body is in pain will not cause it to ache as well." These comparisons are so inept, she adds, that they make her smile. Yet she knows no other." pg. 107 'Fire Within' Thomas Dubay, S.M.

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