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sky diving

It is 2:20 PM Wednesday afternoon here where we are living out our allotted days. This morning Carol and I went grocery shopping. Carol and I do very few things together as a married couple. My wife do not socialize with people. We do not go to movies or out bar hopping. My wife and I either go grocery shopping or visit thrift stores. We do not take vacations together. We do not sail the oceans blue. Last night my wife suggested we do giant puzzles together. I suggested we take up sky diving together. It might be fun jumping out a plane together.

We were home from grocery shopping around 11:15 AM. We put away our groceries and I left to visit local thrift stores. Carol left this morning to visit her elderly friend Pam. At local thrift stores I found these old worn out used books to give away to the down trodden-

'Thurber Carnival' humor by James Thurber

'Player Piano' A Novel by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

'The Cunning Man' A Novel by Robertson Davies

'The Best American Essays of the Century' Editor Joyce Carol Oates

The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression' by Andrew Solomon

'Red Earth and Pouring Rain' A Novel by Vikram Chandra

When I got home from my travels it was 1:15 PM and it is now 2:29 PM. This evening our oldest son and his family will be here for dinner. Josie Joy spend the night with Noni and Papa. Well the mail is here so I will close to find out what came. There is no way out so confess.

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